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You will feel like royalty when wearing this chic two-toned scarf in neutral colours with the prettiest tassels. Indulge yourself with this elegant Modica scarf.


And when being there..
It takes you back to the beautiful Roman times, like in a fairytale. Being a princess wearing your gorgeous gown with a crown, jewels that sparkles by the pure sunlight. The sun feels warm and soft on your skin. Walking those incredible stairs is like climbing on white airy clouds, taking you up to a place with a view that takes your breath away. While you gaze around, it just blows your mind.. You are on cloud nine filled with love by this amazing mesmerising view, it’s a dream come true.


Live your dream!

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Good to know facts & details:

Fabric natural fiber bamboo
Color white with 1/4 sand color
Size 180cm x 70cm
Application tassels in sand tone
Care♥ dry clean

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