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You are ready for selfies with this one of a kind sassy SADOQ scarf. With this fancy luxury scarf, you really make a difference. Fashionable London it is!


And when in London.. You feel inspired, by their fast-paced living, their history, fashion, art and the many cultures that belong tot he city. Spoiled, like a little girl in a candy shop. There’s so much to see and to taste. A city that never sleeps, even when you blink an eye, you feel like missing out. It fuels your mind and soul with energy and new ideas. It makes you work harder during the day and play harder at night. A city where you can live your life to the fullest, where people connect, opportunities arise and a new chapter begins..


When are you going?

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Good to know facts & details:

Fabric natural fiber bamboo
Color powder
Size 180cm x 70cm
Application ultra light white tassels
Care♥ dry clean

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