Scarf Langkawi

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This charming two-toned Langkawi scarf will spice up any look. The combination of the warm intense colours, the feel of the soft flowy fabric and the beautiful matching tassels gives you a bit of tropical feel during colder days.


And when being there..
You feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, a breeze from the clear ocean will whisper through your ear. The palm trees are giving you a bit of shadow, but you can’t escape the sunlight as it follows your every movement.. While walking on the beach, time is standing still, you feel one with nature. Pure relaxation goes through your veins and freedom feeds the mind. The surroundings are colourful and pure just like the food of this island. As the spices will sparkle your taste buds, so rich and intense. Wandering through this true tropical paradise, called Langkawi. This memory is carved in my soul, can’t wait to go back..


Spice it up!


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Good to know facts & details:

Fabric natural fiber bamboo
Color deep red and 1/4 fresh red
Size 180cm x 70cm
Application Pearls with studs
Care♥ dry clean

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