SADOQ| Luxury scarves


With love and great pasion, we design and produce the perfect scarf for you to wear. Luxurious beautiful scarves with a soft touch and feel.


For our collection we choose to use the finest materials, wonderful rich & light fabrics like the organic material bamboo, light cotton and modal- silk blends. Our scarves are finished with small eye-catching details like handmade tassels or cute tiny pearls.  Each scarf will drape elegantly, is pure comfort and luxury. This is our promise made to you.


The organic bamboo fabric is woven and coloured naturally, especially for SADOQ.

This airy lightweighted fabric makes your head breath which prevents your hair from falling out. So comfortable to wear, even on hot summery days. The scarves can be worn in many different ways, also as a fashion accessory.


Every SADOQ scarf follows the current fashion trends and is a real must-have. Finish your outfits with a luxury scarf of SADOQ. Feel and experience the difference yourself!

SADOQ| The woman 

We design beautiful scarves with the SADOQ woman in mind. The SADOQ woman is an intriguing woman, a woman on top of the world. A woman of every age with a young heart and an open-mind.


The SADOQ woman is a trendsetter who loves to distinguish herself.  A woman with great passion, who follows her heart and is pursuing her dreams. A woman who inspires others by her opulent style, powerful spirit, ambitious mind, self-confidence & independence. The SADOQ woman is feminine & seductive without deceiving her believes. She is social, self-willed and proud of the person she is. The SADOQ woman loves herself and we love her!



Inspired by you

When traveling the world we are truly inspired by all the different cultures we come across. We love to see how diverse the scarf can be worn.

The SADOQ woman has many faces and unique ways to express herself. From wearing her scarf completely covered, draped loosly around her face with some hair showing to a fashionable turban or purely as a fashion accessory around her neck. We love the various ways, it is so inspiring and beautiful. Every Muslima should be respected for her culture, preferences and style, as each and every one is a proud Muslima at heart and soul.


SADOQ| The brand

SADOQ is a sophisticated & affordable fashion brand for the self-confident muslima of today. SADOQ has launched her first small exclusive collection of beautiful scarves in 2013. The SADOQ scarf collection is a must-have for every woman who wears scarves.


SADOQ wants to provide affordable luxury scarves for women who loves quality. Women, who wants to look stunning, are fashion-minded and enjoying all the wonderful things in life. She wants to show the world who she is.

 She is inspired by women around the world and wants to inspire others.

 Every scarf in the SADOQ collection is named after an inspiring women. strong, smart, beautiful women around the world.

Because the muslima of today wants to be seen like she sees herself.


Facts & figures
SADOQ is the first Muslim brand in The Netherlands.
SADOQ is the first Muslim brand sold in Dutch department stores.
SADOQ is sold worldwide on- and offline.
SADOQ is the first scarf brand that uses bamboo fabric, which is good for your hair, makes it shine and prevents hair from falling out.

SADOQ is the best affordable quality scarf fashion brand worldwide.

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